Whether Persistence of Vision is creating visuals for Pitch-vis, developing a more dynamic investment packet, or working side-by-side with a director or producer in the Previs process to ensure the highest level of filmmaking with engaging visuals, or following through in Production-vis and Post-vis, the company is certain to deliver the highest quality of work.

We always look forward to new challenges, applying creative solutions and visuals to your ideas, bringing them to life before your eyes. We love what we do, and it shows in the work that we’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to the industry for so over a century.


David Dozoretz

David Dozoretz's career started at age 20 in the Art Department of George Lucas' famed Industrial Light & Magic. There, he contributed to the visual effects magic on such films as "Jurassic Park", "Forrest Gump", the "Star Wars Special Editions" and many more. Working with ILM visual effects supervisor and Photoshop creator John Knoll, David created the industry's first digital pre-visualization for "Mission: Impossible". Five years later, he was the first digital artist to be hired by Lucas for his highly anticipated "Star Wars" Prequels. David spent seven years working at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, creating the pre-visualization pipeline and eventually managing the film's Art Department. He then created Persistence of Vision Digital Entertainment (POV), a company providing Hollywood with the pre-visualization techniques he had developed. The top studios have turned to POV for some of the most exciting cinema in recent history, including "Titan A.E.", "Moulin Rouge", "Behind Enemy Lines", "X-Men 3", "Mission: Impossible 3", and JJ Abrams' "Star Trek". He also contributed to the world's first live action digital stereoscopic movie, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", a project on which David also served as 2nd Unit Director.

Having learned from filmmakers like George Lucas, Francis Coppola, JJ Abrams and others, David has started to direct his own projects. The first, "The War of Sekigahara", is a short film sponsored by the Japanese Government and shot in next-generation 4k technology, offering 4 times the resolution of regular Hi-Def. The next is in progress....

Dozoretz has lectured around the world, including UCLA and USC Film Schools, the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School, India's Toonz Animation Academy, and Tokyo's Digital Hollywood Institute. Articles with Dozoretz have appeared in Time, Wired, Premiere, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer and Cinefex. He is a member of the Director's Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society and a founder member of the Previsualization Society. He resides in Los Angeles but is happiest when traveling, or teaching.